We have our standard size racks set up with different options. We also manufacture custom racks in any shape or size to suit your needs.

Racking Systems & Solutions

When it comes to implementing the TwinBin system on your shop floor you have a choice of Bosch Rexroth Aluminium Extrusion or Mild Steel Welded Fabrications.

  • The Mild Steel Welded Racks can be painted to a colour of your choice.
  • We can manufacture custom racks in any shape or size to suit your needs.
  • Installation is very quick, easy and we supply all tools and instructions required

This is a 40sec animation showing how the Racking System works.

The Racking comes in two standard sizes: 1.5m and 0.75m


Racking System

rackingsystems header

Rack Headers

Triangular headers can provide clear rack identification and prevent users placing FOD on top of the racks and bins.  We can print information such as logos and rack numbers on the rack headers.

Mobile castors

To allow mobility around site we can supply castors which are provided in sets of 2 swivel and 2 locking per set. We also have heavy duty castors available.

rackingsystems castors
rackingsystems handles

Rack Handles?

To improve ease of transportation around the shop floor, espically for racks with castors, try our Rack Handles.

Why not add Collection Trays?

Removable collection trays can be supplied which are used to prevent dropped fasteners from hitting the floor. Making sure your work space is FOD free!

rackingsystems collectiontrays
Floor Markings

5S Floor Markings

Complete with four corners and Clearview window, floor markings designate an area for your rack. They are easy to apply and long lasting, even forklift resistant!

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