SMT/SMD ReelStock Indicator

Control the stock levels of your SMT/SMD Reels

The SMT/SMD ReelStock Indicator is an RFID Compatible Stock Indicator which displays the stock level status of your SMT/SMD Reels.

  1. When the reels are in stock, the indicator is secured and not on display.
  2. Once the reel has been used and removed from its housing the red flag pops up to notify that more stock is required.
  3. Once this is displayed the manager of the reels can simply count the red flags and re-order what is required.
  4. Once the next batch is on order, they simply set the flag to yellow scanned.
  5. When the reels are back in stock, the flag is reset.

The indicator is RFID Compatible so you can automate this process.

Advantages of the SMT/SMD ReelStock Indicator

  • Reduces stock outs
  • Reduces stock held
  • Visual indicator of stock levels
  • Fits multiple widths of reels
  • Quick and easy to install

This short video demonstrates how the reel stock Indicator works.
reel stock DSC1984
SMT Reel Indicator 2

Sizes Available

This fit all sizes of SMT reels, and there are additional clips to make the Flag wider for multiple reels in the same bin.

The Clip is designed to fit over ESD cardboard measuring 80mm deep at the front, but it will work on other sizes too.

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