RFID KanBan Solutions

All of Hurst Green Plastics products are now RFID Ready!


Utilising clever materials to act as RFID shields, the TwinBin, FlagBin, the BinFlags, the TripFlag and now even the kitting systems can now incorporate passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

The benefits of this can be huge…!

You can obtain in realtime, 24/7  stock updates for the bins without any human intervention!

Using fixed RFID readers, the information from the bins and kits can be relayed into computer software via existing or bespoke computer software or via the cloud.  Alternatively, handheld RFID readers can be used, again increasing the visibility, reporting, reliability and efficiency of the bins scanning process.

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Hurst Green Plastics has scored a first success with FlagBin Live! – its new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Stock Dispensing System.

Hurst Green’s TwinBin product has already created opportunities for many world-class aerospace companies, achieving impressive cost reductions, whilst significantly improving stock control. RFID is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using RFID tags.

DSC4717-300x211Unlike more conventional scanning systems, the tags do not require a line of sight or need to be individually scanned. FlagBin Live! has two protected chambers, arranged vertically and separated by a slider, which when pulled drops the reserve batch into the active chamber. FlagBin Live! means that the bin will signal whenever the slider is pulled and the reserve chamber becomes empty.

Bins no longer have to be physically examined. When the slider is pulled, the RFID tag is exposed, indicating that replenishment is required. Status is determined either by using fixed readers in real-time or by walk-by using a portable reader. This is the first time that the RFID concept has been used in Europe for direct line feed purposes.

Steve-circleObviously we are exceptionally pleased to provide the first FlagBin Live! system to Specialist Technologies, stated Stephen Clarke, Chairman, Hurst Green Plastics. The system provides real cost benefits, uses cutting edge RFID technology and will significantly improve direct line feed. The technology involved means that the system is more effective than any other direct line feed system” he added.

As featured in MRO Management Magazine