Pugh and Sanders

Pugh and Sanders Ltd (PSL) supply a wide range of Industrial Fasteners and fixings nationwide to a diverse customer base, from fabrication, Engineering, manufacturing and Construction to more specific industries such as Aerospace, Automotive and the Railway.

For many years, they have been specialists in the management of our customer’s fastener usage via stock replenishment systems.

However, there are many issues associated with traditional stock control using open bins such as:-

• Cross Contamination of product
• Items Openly exposed to the elements
• Lost Product – Lin Bins can be removed from the station by the end user
• Labelling – Can be damaged easily dependent on the work environment
• Works Knowledge of shipping period – Workers cannot physically see if goods have been re-ordered leading to doubt of being supplied efficiently.

Pugh and Sanders are constantly trying to improve their customer service and generate efficiencies for themselves and their customers.

This led them to look at the Hurst Green Plastics Ltd TwinBin kanban system.

This system delivers:

• Durable transparent Casing – Easy view for item identification – Minimising environmental or cross contamination
• Locking bars – Ensures FIFO (first in – first out) stock rotation and traceability of parts
• Flag indicators – Creating a more visual recognition for requirements
• Modern/mobile racking – Looks good and easily relocated
• Fixed Bins – secure stock

Pugh and Sanders believe their service combined with this great product has helped them deliver one of the best stock control management services for fasteners on the market.

Pugh & Sanders logoDaniel Harne, Business Development Manager at Pugh and Sanders said, “Hurst Green Plastics were very helpful and provided any technical data that was required. The Hurst Green Plastics sales team are always updating us on progress and have never let us down in terms of product or service.  At PSL we look forward to forming a great partnership with Hurst Green Plastics for years to come.”

The TwinBin system has been implemented in many locations within Bombardier rail through Pugh and Sanders.

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