TwinBin has taken off throughout the USA and Mexico thanks to the partnership between Hurst Green Plastics and Aircraft Hardware West (AHW).  Aircraft Hardware West have implemented multiple VMI programmes at Aerospace Companies across USA and Mexico combining its Advanced Inventory Management Solution (AIMS) and the Hurst Green Plastics TwinBin System to provide a state-of-the-art VMI system.

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Hurst Green Plastics offer a personalised service as customers have the option of personalising both TwinBins and Racks with full colour customer logos and content/location information.  A further personalisation, in co-operation with AHW included printing the Locking Bars, Rack Headers and Rack accessories in the customers language of choice, meaning operators who do not have English as a first language are still able to understand the racking system controls.

The TwinBin System, in co-operation with AHW AIMS program, have been saving customers time and money with their inventory control system.  Aircraft Hardware West’s VMI Software connects to a web portal for full visibility of all part numbers within the TwinBin System on the production floor to broadcast bin levels, bin status, product certifications, invoices and usage history.  Customers can also use a Mobile App which collects data from the bins on the production floor and works in conjunction with the ERP system to process transactions in real time which is assisted by the TwinBin System.

With its proven detailed project management transition process, AHW moves its customers to the VMI seamlessly, without any interruption to production build schedules. As part of transition, AHW includes detailed video training to ensure operators understand the system controls, and its use with the web portal functionality.


Aircraft Hardware West recently successfully installed over 2000 TwinBins across 19 Racks into their customers facility strategically located in the production areas. The VMI system in full operation is allowing operators to retrieve hardware quickly, making production lines run leaner. AHW’s operational team replenish bins to contract KPI’s to support production lines daily, with detail reports by production area or rack on the web portal.

Stocking over 30,000 product lines and working within the aerospace industry as a global distributor of the world’s leading fastener manufacturers, AHW and TwinBin are a perfect match. Aircraft Hardware West offer a comprehensive inventory of specialized fasteners which in co-operation with the TwinBin System and state of the art bar coding system eliminate the customers logistics cost of purchasing, receiving and quality control of materials.  The VMI program also reduces on-hand inventory to the stock in the bottom bin, greatly reducing customers holding costs.

The AIMS program in junction with the TwinBin system is a hands-off system for customers with many cost benefits, guaranteeing inventory levels that ensure no stock-outs or production line stoppages.

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Krista Wildermuth, Director of Operation, Aircraft Hardware West, had this to say:

“Over the past 3 years, our VMI business has been implemented at aircraft interior companies needing a better way to deliver products to the production floor.  Partnering with Hurst, and designing our VMI to work with the TwinBin system has exceeded our expectations. As a result, we see more aerospace companies moving away from the traditional method of ordering hardware, and turning to a full-service, vendor managed program like the AIMS system. At AHW, we believe in listening to our customer to design a system that best fits their business.   The outcome of AIMS and TwinBin is a true hands-off VMI solution that benefits companies across all departments.”

Julie Monaco, Account Director, Hurst Green Plastics:

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with AHW. It is great to work with such a creative and dynamic Company, who listen to their customer needs thereby customising our products to meet their client’s requirements. With the assistance of the Team at AHW they have allowed us to extend the TwinBin system to companies within the exciting markets of Latin- American and USA.  We look forward to a flourishing business relationship


If you want to learn more about the products and services offered by Aircraft Hardware West, please visit www.ahw-global.com


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