Working in conjunction with Addmaster we can now incorporate their Biomaster additive during the moulding process of our bins and components giving permanent life-long protection against the main strains of infection.

Addmaster are currently testing its effectiveness against the coronavirus. Results available soon.biomaster round logo

TwinBins are manufactured in the UK

Because we manufacture our TwinBins and all the component parts in the UK we can easily control this antibacterial additive and guarantee its high level of effectiveness.

If you require this added level of protection in our TwinBins we can manufacture, supply and install on quite small lead times as we are not reliant on shipping from abroad.

We also have the experience and networks to quickly deliver your order where-ever you are based around the world.

Please contact us if would like further information.

Twinbin family group v5

The whole range of our TwinBin products can be manufactured with Biomaster treatment included.