hgp trolleywith 20 bins and twins a

New TwinBin cart system can manage all your parts!

hgp trolleywith 20 bins and twins a

Designed closely with material management teams from all-over-the-world, Hurst Green Plastics have developed a new bin management system to make the management of all your components simple and easy.

From small parts which can fit in the TwinBin to very large, fragile or high-volume in the refined TripFlag, you gain all the benefits of the system in one mobile cart.

Deliver the products directly to where they need them. Just-in-time delivery of parts in the FIFO products.

KanBan Bin System

Finally! A TwinBin system that takes care of it all!

✔️ Manage ALL your inventory! Small to large parts
✔️ Connect everything to the TwinBin IoT Cloud 🚦
✔️ FIFO First In First Out stock rotation
✔️ Save costs, reduce inventory
✔️ Reduce waste
✔️ Reduce environmental and cross-contamination
✔️ Reduce step count – mobile carts
✔️ Adjustable Shelves, fully modular

All the adjustable shelves can go flight or angular to allow easy dispensing of parts to the line.  Everything is clean and visual, and you can connect the bins to our wireless RFID or Bluetooth IOT systems with cloud platforms.


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