Mini TwinBin Drawer

New transparent & anti-static material for TwinBins!

Mini TwinBin Drawer

Hurst Green Plastics has always used advanced materials in manufacturing hard-wearing, durable & impact resistant TwinBins whilst ensuring a crystal clear view inside the bins.  However, there has never been a clear plastic material that had anti-static / ESD properties until now.  In cooperation with PermaStat, the development of transparent ABS material is the perfect choice for the anti-static TwinBins.

This opens up a whole world of opportunity for electronic components and other safety critical parts to be stored in the TwinBin and TiltBin dispensers. Electronic fastener management and kanban now available for any type of product.  Extruded Aluminium racks and ESD safe castors are available to complete the system.

Military, Aerospace, rail and electronic manufacturers have successfully implemented thousands of TwinBins and are realising the benefits of the TwinBin system that was once previously unavailable.

In conjunction to the Mini TwinBin, even the tiniest components can be stored and dispensed.

It offers ESD protection, dimensional stability, toughness (even at low temperatures) and chemical resistance. It exhibits increased surface hardness & good balance of properties and is rigid. It provides high heat deflection temperature, and impact strength.

Full material specification can be obtained here.

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