Hurst Green Plastics Ltd is delighted to be featured in the brand new Anixter Aerospace Hardware case study video.

Anixter’s READY! Material Management Services have been successfully implemented at Figeac Aero in France, and Hurst Green Plastics’ TwinBin® & FlagBin® system are a key component to the success of the program as is clearly demonstrated in the video.

Previously, Figeac Aero had suffered while managing, in-house, all their inventory of small parts, rivets and fasteners (c class consumables) used in their manufacturing and sub-assembly areas.  Figeac Aero personnel accessed the parts as and when required for use on the shop floor, with the parts being stored in traditional bins.

Stock outs and line stoppages were a common occurrence, which was caused by under stocking, and eventually led to costly over stocking of each part.  Staff often left the production line to chase up on parts required leading to a reduction in work output.

Anixter’s team worked very closely with Figeac Aero to determine and identify causes and solutions to the issues experienced in the day-to-day control of their supply chain.

By utilising Hurst Green Plastics Ltd, TwinBin® and FlagBin® system, Anixter was able to offer Figeac a true, easy to manage, lean KanBan system.

Moving the bins right next to the assembly line greatly reduced the time spent by the skilled production personnel looking for their parts and increased productivity.  The TwinBins® allowed Anixter to quickly and visually identify which parts required re-ordering and also allowed Figeac to see which bins Anixter had “actioned”.

Anixter also has the facility to quickly deliver the parts into Figeac so that there are no stock outs, production can continue and 100% traceability of parts can be obtained.

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